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Online Ordering / E-procurement

Online Ordering / E-procurement

Magnet Marketing Solutions utilise best practise security for its E-procurement enabled system that runs through 256bit encryption to ensure that all client information is as secure as possible. We can offer a number of different authentication methods to our system, from locked down IP’s through with user name and password combinations.
What clients are able to achieve through the Client Management Interface:

  • Set up levels of staff access.
  • View: Previous orders.
  • View:
    • Pending orders
    • Shipping notes
    • Dates
    • Relevant documents.
  • View:
    • Your Account
    • Statements
    • Invoices
    • Select Invoices to pay, our system can then issue unique number to
      associate with payment for ease of tracking
      CSV/XML download of data for import to third party systems.


  • Order Management
    • Place Order (pending client approval if needed)
    • Order PO
    • Order Item Details
    • Delivery Details
    • Sign off details once approved with optional upload of signature.
  • Download:
    • PDF Documents
    • Tax Clearance Certificate
    • VAT Certification
    • Contract and Terms of Business
    • Banking Information.

With the User Registration and Profile Management it allows you full control over the administrative relationship that you will have with our company, once you have received the access details, then you can assign staff members within your organisation various levels of access (and limits on order value, and or products and services that they can purchase).

So you always know that you can control the budget.

We can tailor for you a specialised online catalogue of your most common products that you order, and have this integrated with our stock management system to allow the speedy order/delivery process that is fully tracked everystep of the way.